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Fwd: Re: PC: Accurail Centerflow, etc.

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In a message dated 11/7/98 7:43:15 PM EST, KEVINLEHMAN -AT- webtv.net writes:

> Bill,                                                               Do
>  you known where these places are?
>  Kevin

Enola is outside Harrisburg, PA.  I believe eastern shore trains went from
Harrington, DE to Enola twice a day.  Enola had a large car shop that closed
in fall 1996.  Enola shops rebuilt coil cars as well as spot repairs for the
Harrisburg Terminal.  I believe traffic now comes from Edgemoor Yard
(Wilmington, DE) VIA Abrams Yard (Norristown, PA) .  Train PICA (Conway Yard
to Camden, NJ) sets out DE cars at Abrams Yard.  Train WPAB-60 runs daily to
Stoney Creek, PA and returns.  Train WPSC-09 runs daily between Edgemoor and
Stoney Creek.

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