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Re: PC: PCHS Newsletter name

After reading all the comments about the newsletter title, I must say I am now
convinced that the best suggestion to date was one of the very first:  PC
Post.    It tracks the Penn Central Post name used by the actual RR for its
own newsletter, so it is not only prototypical in spirit, but conveys exactly
what the publication is - a PC newsletter - even to potential new members, and
while it may lack a cute slant, it does identify itself better (the main
purpose of a name) than Worms or Metroliner to the rest of the world, and, of
course carries no regional connotations (and I'm saying this from within the
heart of  the NEC!)  

Anyway, Worms and/or Metroliner could still be incorporated into names of
columns/departments/features within PC Post!


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