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PC: Newsletter

PC POST is a very good name for the newsletter. I belong to several 
railroad historical societies. They come up with a magazine format 
pubication several times a year with information about the railroad. 
This is filled in with a newsletter on the off months about what the 
historical society its self is doing, went the next meeting is, 
modeling information, minutes of the last board of directors meeting 
and such. It is going to take a lot of effort to get this PC 
Historical Society going. A newsletter is a very good place to start, 
11 X 17 folded over, one or two sheets. This can then be followed up 
with the magazine format. It takes a lot of bucks to put the magazine 
together. The AHRS minutes show about $4,000.00 per issue as the 
normal production price. You can not get the whole thing a once, the 
PCHS will need to make its first steps and as the new born gets 
stronger on its feet then stands up tall and then can be all the 
things the other extablished societies are. It takes time, a lot of 
effort and money. The founds and dirctors of the society are going to 
find themselfs haveing a part time job that pays nothing the first 
couple of years getting the PCHS up and running and standing proud. 
The rest of us have to reflect on the work that they are doing for 
the good of the PC followers in general. My past wishes are with you.
Bob Stafford

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