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Re: PC: PCHS Newsletter feedback

I must agree, "PC Worms" is the best name for a Penn Central Historical
Society newsletter.  It is very original, and keeps the logo PC is most well
known for, alive.  I agree that a name that would imply only one geographic
region isn't a good idea either.

Since PC brought up a stir to railroads in many small towns, I've heard that
articles were often published in local newspapers regarding Penn Central in
their towns.  New York State's Harlem Valley was one such region where PC kept
the local papers busy with articles to publish.  Having many stops in rural,
out of the way dairy and apple farming and harvesting towns and villages, PC's
ex-NYC Upper Harlem Line ended up being the last line in the US to have non-
Amtrak passenger service classified by the government and the RR's as "inter-
city", operated by a carrier other than Amtrak after "Amtrak Day" when the
RR's got the OK to drop inter-city passenger service at which time it would be
considered for inclusion in the Amtrak system.  

With the Harlem Valley Transportation Association fighting Penn Central to
keep the service going, the newspapers non the less backed the HVTA.  The
passenger service and the trains were part of the scene.  Although New York
State Route 22 also ran through many of the towns, the railroad was what kept
these communities alive and going.  Due to this, many article were published
by the Chatham Corrier, the newspaper of Chatham, NY, at the end of the 127
mile line which began in NY City.  Many other small newspapers published
article too, and the HVTA held demonstrations at many of the station stops
along the way.  They lost to PC on Monday, March 20, 1972, but they fought to
keep the line there for years after.  Although they eventually lost this
battle too, what they left behind are treasures such as photos and these
articles, compared to a line which may have been abandoned without any big
deal being made of it.  Maybe it would be interesting if the PC newsletter
could often have reprints of articles in old newspapers regarding Penn
Central.  I found a 1968 article from one of the NY City newspapers regarding
how the government was at the time forcing PC to take in the New Haven.  There
was a battle with that alone.  

John W.

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