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Re: PC: Re: PCHS Newsletter feedback

In a message dated 11/7/98 11:12:05 AM Eastern Standard Time,
nrw -AT- email.msn.com writes:

<< Whatever name is chosen, please, do not use any type of name that would be
 indicative of a geographic region.  I am in Marion, OH and yes Virginia,
 there is a world west of the NE Corridor.  The PC did operate in this part
 of the world.  One of the names that has been suggested is 'Metroliner' and
 that to me says only one thing the NE Corridor!!!!!  I am subscribed to
 other mail lists and it seems that the civilized world ends with the western
 boundary of Pennsylvania.  It doesn't matter if it was the EL,PRR,NYC,CR or
 any others that I may have forgotten, don't forget the West End. Off my
 Michael R Weatherhead
 Marion, OH  Home of the famous AC Tower
It makes sense to create a title for a newsletter of such a behemoth as the PC
which would either signify a single accomplishment or innovation that made
them unique.  The Budd-PRR Metroliner certainly qualifies. However, for sake
of fairness in argument. And, while you're on the soapbox...any suggestions
from Marion OH, Home of the famous AC Tower?  How about...

The More States, Locomotives, employees, cities, towns, towers, freight cars,
critics, fans, yards, stations, route miles, payroll, creditors, derelict
engines,  and Debt than anyone in the business Gazette!

I'm sure not everyone can be truly happy. And besides,  The Metroliner,
though not my favorite choice, is classy. It says Penn Central to anyone who
has read about her or railfanned along her borders.  It's a nice, safe,
"blanket" reference to the PC. In those days, when you used the word
Metroliner to railfans, they would think...PC

Ed St.George
Dedham, MA,  Home of the famous Avery Oak!


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