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Re: PC: N8 Cabooses...

In a message dated 11/4/98 9:36:18 AM EST, benedict -AT- htc.net writes:

>  What I am not sure of is the roof of the cupola.  It seems like there might
be a black panel centered between the hand-grabs on the cupola roof.   I
belive that the PRR used to paint the cupola roof black on N5C and N8 cabin

I don't know about the N8, but for what its worth, I have a photo looking down
onto an N5C, # 23086.  Although there's some snow on it, you can see that the
cupola has green sides and a black roof.  
Still, this may not but true across the board, even within the same class, as
paint schemes seem to vary.  Another N5C, # 23045, has a cupola with black,
not green, sides (and a different lettering layout).  Maybe there isn't one
standard answer.


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