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Re: PC: Smoke In New York

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Whend the CNJ started passenger service to P'burg the 2nd time the 
former joint DLW/CNJ station was not used. NJT built a platform the 
on the site of some of the old CNJ yard on the south side of the 
mainline. For a time NJT ran two trains out of P'burg each morning 
and back at night. They also had a mid-day roundtrip. One set of 
P'burg equipment had a former Blue Comet Obs car on the train facing 
east toward Newark. When you can out of the city at night it was on 
the rear of the train. I rode this to P'Burg making full use of the 
obs platform. The trains where pulled by the CNJ/NJDOT GP-40P 
locomotives. Normally two sets of the second hand former long haul 
passenger cars painted dark B&O blue with a yellow stripe above the 
windows was used.  I moved west to work for the BN in the fall of 
1978 so can not commet what happen after this. 
Bob Stafford

> Jejunabra -AT- aol.com wrote:
> > 
> > The Raritan Valley Line does indeed end at the Newark Pennsylvania Station and
> > has since April 30,1967, when CNJ moved its commuter trains out of Jersey City
> > and its own Broad Street Station in Newark into Pennsylvania Station in
> > Newark. This also marked the end of passenger service to Allentown,
> > Pennsylvania and service was cut back from Phillipsburg to Highbridge.
> Dear Jim,
> You're right about the discontinuation of the Allentown service. 
> However, service to Phillipsburg continued until December, 1983.  The
> last NJT schedule that listed Phillipsburg was the October 30, 1983
> schedule.  The next schedule issued January 3, 1984 dropped
> Phillipsburg.  
> Regards,
> Bill

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