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Re: PC: Smoke In New York

NYC4600 -AT- aol.com wrote:
> As far as the smoke goes, I think it was in the tunnels that diesels were not
> allowed in.  This would account for the West Side Freight Line having diesels
> after the late 1950s.
> As far as the E units running into the Park Avenue Tunnel, that was not
> allowed as a fact.  In addition to this, it should be noted that in the New
> York Central days, the  electrified lines were officially the "Electric
> Division of the New York Central System."
> An example of this is the NYC Harlem Division.  North White Plains/White
> Plains -North Station was the official southern end of the Harlem Division in
> NYC days.  From there to Grand Central Terminal it was the Harlem Division
> section of the Electric Division, and was operated as such.  Harlem Division
> employees timetables listed the Harlem Division train times at all stations as
> far south as North White, and also showed the train time at Grand Central
> Terminal shown "for information only."
> >From Grand Central to North White Plains, it was the "Harlem Electric."  From
> North White Plains to Brewster it was the "Lower Harlem Division."  From
> Brewster to Chatham it was the "Upper Harlem Division."  The "Lower" and
> "Upper" Harlem Division was one division, the Harlem Division.  Contrary to
> all this, the New York Central issued one singal public "suburban timetable"
> for Harlem Electric, and the Lower Harlem Division for "suburban trains" as
> far north as Golden's Bridge, and later Brewster.  The cover listed it as
> "Harlem Division."  The Upper Harlem Division, which was the same division as
> the Lower Harlem Division, had a seperate public timetable, refered to on the
> front cover as "Upper Harlem Division", and that part of the line not having
> suburban service, but regular standard New York Central passenger service.
> Does anyone know if it was PC that dissolved the Electric Division into the
> other divisions, or was it the NYC that did it in the late '60s?
> John W.
It was combined into Hudson Divsion in late NYC or early PC 
Henry Frick FT Worth TX

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