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Re: PC: Smoke In New York

As far as the smoke goes, I think it was in the tunnels that diesels were not
allowed in.  This would account for the West Side Freight Line having diesels
after the late 1950s.

As far as the E units running into the Park Avenue Tunnel, that was not
allowed as a fact.  In addition to this, it should be noted that in the New
York Central days, the  electrified lines were officially the "Electric
Division of the New York Central System."

An example of this is the NYC Harlem Division.  North White Plains/White
Plains -North Station was the official southern end of the Harlem Division in
NYC days.  From there to Grand Central Terminal it was the Harlem Division
section of the Electric Division, and was operated as such.  Harlem Division
employees timetables listed the Harlem Division train times at all stations as
far south as North White, and also showed the train time at Grand Central
Terminal shown "for information only."

>From Grand Central to North White Plains, it was the "Harlem Electric."  From
North White Plains to Brewster it was the "Lower Harlem Division."  From
Brewster to Chatham it was the "Upper Harlem Division."  The "Lower" and
"Upper" Harlem Division was one division, the Harlem Division.  Contrary to
all this, the New York Central issued one singal public "suburban timetable"
for Harlem Electric, and the Lower Harlem Division for "suburban trains" as
far north as Golden's Bridge, and later Brewster.  The cover listed it as
"Harlem Division."  The Upper Harlem Division, which was the same division as
the Lower Harlem Division, had a seperate public timetable, refered to on the
front cover as "Upper Harlem Division", and that part of the line not having
suburban service, but regular standard New York Central passenger service.

Does anyone know if it was PC that dissolved the Electric Division into the
other divisions, or was it the NYC that did it in the late '60s?

John W.

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