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Re: PC: Smoke In New York

     Well I was wrong.  The raritan valley line does terminate at Penn 
Station Newark.  Penn Station NY is marked on the schedule as the end of 
the route, but there is no direct link.  Regarding desiel power if the 
no smoke law allowed desiels then why the tri-power fleet?  I know the 
the 3rd rail gave them more power, but I read that on the West Side 
frieght line they couldn't use their desiel engines to re-charge the 
bateries.  Also if desiel is allowed why did NYC still make the power 
change at Harmon?  Couldn't they run the Es right into GCT.  I think 
that the old smoke law read "no exaust" or something that outlawed 
desiels as well.  If the law still exists could it be considered a 
quality of life violation?

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