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Re: PC: Smoke In New York

Jejunabra -AT- aol.com wrote:
> Your're right, Bill, though at that time CNJ cut it back to Hampton/
> Highbridge in 1967 then restored service toPhillipsburgh in 1974, which
> lasted, not quite 10 years before NJ Transit discontinued it for good in 1983.
> Was that due to low ridership? I bet that created an uproar among those who
> used those trains. What happened to the Phillipsburg station after that and
> was it the former joint CNJ-DL&W building I once saw a picture of?
> Jim Mancuso

Yes Jim, the ridership was way down which lead NJT to cut back service
to High Bridge.  Stats showed 30 per week.  I remember riding the train
out to Phillipburg the Summer of 1983, knowing the days were numbered. 
By the time we got there it was the train crew, an elderly lady and me! 
The lady's son was waiting their to pick her up.  The conductor and I
escorted her to the car and they drove off.  The cre and I  talked for
awhile and then made the return trip to Newark.  There was a faded blue
Conrail sign standing off by itself with a very neatly hand painted
"Phillipsburg."  I can't remember a station at all, but I will look into

Best regards,


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