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PC: Re: CR SD-40 rear snowplow

Most of the early SD40-2's are in helper service and have been for some
time, the 6300 series units rarely show up, or at least rarely used to show
up on the Chicago Line in NY - however the low 6300 and high 6200 SD40's
when still on the roster appeared up here often.  Some of these dated to
the PRR, and most of them are now off the roster - those remaining are in
the 6900 series.

chances are the rear plow is to allow it to operate long-hood forward in
helper or heavy-duty local service.

Bill K.

> From: Evan F. Ferrari - 4352050 <eferrari -AT- nunic.nu.edu>
> To: PC Group <penn-central -AT- smellycat.com>
> Subject: PC: CR SD-40 rear snowplow
> Date: Wednesday, November 04, 1998 10:06 PM
> Does anyone know which CR SD-40's have have the large snowplow on the
> and why?  Were these ones with the snowplow in any numbered series?  Was
> this for helper service?
> Road numbers would be usfull if anyone knows.
> Thanks in advance,
> evan

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