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Re: PC: Smoke In New York

The Raritan Valley Line does indeed end at the Newark Pennsylvania Station and
has since April 30,1967, when CNJ moved its commuter trains out of Jersey City
and its own Broad Street Station in Newark into Pennsylvania Station in
Newark. This also marked the end of passenger service to Allentown,
Pennsylvania and service was cut back from Phillipsburg to Highbridge.
However, certain trains continue into Hoboken Terminal and I believe that if
thru service were to be performed by certain trains, the engine change would
have to take place in the Newark station. The only diesels I know of operating
into and out of Penn Station in New York are Amtrak's Genesis engines. If F40s
were run into New York, I would have heard the high pitched howl of t he
turbos as the engines were running the hep unit. I don't believe any F40s have
been to Penn Station, though it can't be ruled out. One might want to check
with Amtrak or NJ Transit operating people about this. I am only giving
information based on my own knowledge of the place, others may have to fill in
the gaps.

Jim Mancuso

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