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PC: GG 1 -4882-Newspaper Report

Last Thursday The National New York Central RR Museum unvailed the
repainted GG1 4882. I know that the PC mailing list has discussed this
engine in the last two weeks, but here is the news from one of the local
papers in Elkhart, IN.

>From "the PAPER" Tuesday Nov. 3, 1998 Page 2
Restored locomotive unveiled
By:  Laurie Lechlitner
Staff Writer

"Usually when there is a celebration to honor an anniversary of some
event, it is often to honor a beginning," stated David Bird, executive
director of the National New York Central Railroad Museum in Elkhart. 
"However, today we have come together to honor the retirement of a
specific locomotive and the ending of an era in rail transportation in 
  Railroad enthusiasts stood beside the museum railroad traks at 721 S.
Main Street to pay their tribute to No. 4882.  Bird continued, "It was 15
years ago today that New Jersey Transit retired the GG1 class electric
locomotive from active service, and No. 4882 was one of the last three to
be used in revenue service.
Bird smiled from the podium erected in front of the retired locomotive. 
"For most people, today, Oct 29 will be remembered as the day that the
77-year-old senator, John Glenn, returned to space, but for those of us
in rail preservation, Oct. 29 is the day the GG1's stopped running."
   In recognition of the annivaersary of the retired locomotive, the
National New York Central Railroad Museum unveiled a cosmetically
restored GG1 locomotive.  No. 4882 was sporting a brand new paint and
lettering job in Penn Central color and style, artistically designed by
Mark Frazier, a museum member.
  Bird continued, "The GG1's were some of the most remarkable locomotives
on American railroads.  They were noted not only for their durability,
but for their styling.  Many GG1's including No. 4882 were retired with
over 5 million miles on them.
"Originally built by the Pennsylvania Railroad from 1934 to 1943, the
GG1's were used on the Pennsylvania Railroad's electrified Northeast
Corridor tracks that ran from New York to Washington D.C.," Bird
explained.  "Of the 139 built, only 13 survive and are in museums across
the country. During its lifetime, No. 4882 served on the Pennsylvania
Railroad, Penn Central, Conrail, Amtrak, and finally the New Jersey
  Gesturing to the restored locomotive,  he continued, "The museum has
chosen to restore this locomotive to its original Penn Central paint
scheme because we feel it is an important part of its heritage."
  The project was completed with the assistance of several Elkhart
companies.  Rollie William's Paint Spot donated the paint used on the
project; Adams and Westlake donated the lens used for the marker lights,
and D&M Glass provided the plexiglass used for the windows.
Bird thanked the companies and the community for their support in the
endeavor.  "I also want to thank the museum's board of commissioners," he
stated, "who enable to what I like best, practice railroad history and
  "Finally, I want to thank the man who has spearheaded this project.
Mark Frazier has been involved with restoring historic equipment most of
his life. In fact, this is not the first piece he has restored for the
museum.  The cabooses the museum has on display in Shipshwwana (IN.) and
Topeka (IN.) were done by Mark.  He is also working on a cosmetic
restoration of the E8 diesel locomotive located by the museum parking
  The crowd that gathered walked from the site beside the tracks where
No. 4882 has found its resting place.  The locomotive will not be
forgotten by railroad enthusiasts.
A few sidenotes:  No. 4882 has been in Elkhart since 1989 when the Museum
was really starting to come of age.  When it was brought it had the ID of
CELX (City of Elkhart Private (for transportation purposes).  It arrived
with the E8 and one passenger car which is behind the E8 and serves as
the museum offices and library.  The E8 was used on the last Twentieth
Century Ltd. and also was given the ID of CELX for transportation
purposes.  The E8 -will be painted in the lightning stripes paint scheme.

-Also  it should be noted that another railroad museum member whose first
name is Richard also helped work a little bit on the GG1.

The Museum has a web page which can be found at

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