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Re: PC: Smoke In New York and NJT

>>> "Evil Mike" <evillmike -AT- hotmail.com> 11/03/98 12:41pm >>>
     Am I safe to assume that the law still exists and that it forbays 
desiel power? 

Evil Mike and others:

We need some facts here, and although I don't have the smoke law,
I don't believe the smoke law has anything to do with diesel power.
The law that kicked out steam was passed when the
development of diesel power was in it's infancy.  The New York
stations do not have the ventilation required to run diesels
underground, although it does happen.  Maybe someone can
locate the text of this law.

Regarding some speculation the other day in this thread on
NJT running diesels on the electrified Morris and Essex,
and at the risk of simplifying the answer, here it is:
The electric ends at Dover, but the trains don't!
Hackettstown is currently the end of NJT passenger service,
though only a couple of trains a day go that far.


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