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Re: PC: RE: Smoke In New York

Jejunabra -AT- aol.com wrote:
> Jeff and all: NJ Transit definitely does not have any dual mode diesels
> equipped for third rail or catenary, but all its diesels are straight diesels.
> They do, however have electric engines that are very similar to Amtrak's AEM7

Dear Jeff and PC Friends,

Jim is correct.  I used to work for NJT and was the contracts specialist
on the locomotive, rail car and diesel bus contracts which of course are
all considered capital equipment.  NJT owns and operates 32 ALP-44
locomotives, but all take overhead electric. Both the ALPs and the
AEM-7's are very simialr and both offer 7,000 hp.  The difference is in
the manufacturers.  Asea and EMD teamed up for the AEM-7's with Budd
building the stainless steel carbody.  The ALPs were built by ABB
Traction (Asea Brown Boveri) and later called Adtranz, after the merger
with Daimler Benz.  NJT and Amtrak crews refer to them as Swedish
meatballs since their design was Swedish.  Give me PC GG-1 any day!!!

(By the way, I am realtively new to PC.  I joined up in February and
last commented on Grand Central improvements when that was the hot
subject, but no one commented.  Any feedback would be welcome.)  



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