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Re: PC: RE: Smoke In New York

Jejunabra -AT- aol.com wrote:
> Jeff and all: NJ Transit definitely does not have any dual mode diesels
> equipped for third rail or catenary, but all its diesels are straight diesels.
> They do, however have electric engines that are very similar to Amtrak's AEM7
> "toasters", though. I think on the Genesis engines, the diesels are kept
> idling when running into Grand Central as insurance against the shoes not
> engaging properly as has been known to happen on the FL9s. In fact, when the
> New Haven Railroad first received the FL9s that was the least of the problems
> with the third rail pickup shoes. I am sure the FL9s operate in and out of
> Grand Central on diesel power. Amtrak's Empire Connection from the Hudson
> line, as far as I can tell, is NOT electrified so the Genesis and other
> locomotives on trains operating on that line must use diesel power. I hope
> this helps clear up this matter/
>  Jim Mancuso
Jim   Do you know how to access the Cyberspace A to Z listing
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 Henry Frick

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