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Re: PC: RE: Smoke In New York

Jeff and all: NJ Transit definitely does not have any dual mode diesels
equipped for third rail or catenary, but all its diesels are straight diesels.
They do, however have electric engines that are very similar to Amtrak's AEM7
"toasters", though. I think on the Genesis engines, the diesels are kept
idling when running into Grand Central as insurance against the shoes not
engaging properly as has been known to happen on the FL9s. In fact, when the
New Haven Railroad first received the FL9s that was the least of the problems
with the third rail pickup shoes. I am sure the FL9s operate in and out of
Grand Central on diesel power. Amtrak's Empire Connection from the Hudson
line, as far as I can tell, is NOT electrified so the Genesis and other
locomotives on trains operating on that line must use diesel power. I hope
this helps clear up this matter/
 Jim Mancuso

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