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PC: B&O Surplus Equipment? -Reply

Walter B Turner <lnrr -AT- juno.com> wrote:

     On my last visit to the museum, I bought a book that listed their
collection. There are lots of pictures and history of the goodies, but
you can get an idea of what they have stored. The locomotive roster
book has a fairly complete listing of the locos. Also, a call or letter to a
curator will work wonders. I was doing some research on boxcab
diesels and was able to get increased access to their locomotive with
very little effort. The B&O Museum is a first class operation, and they've
proved their willingness to cooperate with other groups. Finally, if there
are any Baltimore area railfans on the list they could visit the museum
and see what is available. (I've heard that some of the off-site storage
areas would make great locations for the Baltimore-based TV show
"Homicide", though.)

     Mr. Turner and list members.  I worked as an intern at the B&O
Museum for three summers 1992-1995 and was present at the begining
of the drive to refocus the collection.  Without going into specifics I must
say that it was (and is) an exciting time.  The B&O Museum caught the
tail end of CSX's drive to clean out surplus equipment (read MofW) and
older locomotives.  Without their generosity NOTHING would have been
possible.  Next time your mad at CSX think about the contribution they
made (and continue to make) to the museum.  The staff at the museum is
top notch and dedicated volunteers are always welcome.  Please inquire
if you live in the area.
     Current projects include, exterior restoration and painting of WM F7A. 
Includes replacement of all side panels and repair of rust, needle gunning
the old paint, making stencils and repainting.  There is a new wood shop
for restoration of wooden cars.  Two wood cabooses and a C&O
boxcar are already in the shop.  The wooden wedge plow under the
canopy in the rear of the museum is also a candidate for restoration.

PC Content:
     GG1 4876 is stored in fading Penn Central paint at the site of former
'B' yard at the western end of the property.  It can be viewed from the
museums short excursion.  The collection manager always jokes with me
that if I were up there I could take it on as a personal restoration project
provided funds were available.  Unfortunately it is not a high priority.       
     It is nice to see the B&O Museum appreciated.  It often seems to get
lost in the Strasburg, Cal State RRM, Steamtown discussions.

Robert Holzweiss
"Robert.Holzweiss -AT- bush.nara.gov"

P.S.  The producers of Homicide have already filmed parts of at least two
episodes at the Museum. 

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