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Re: PC: Smoke In New York

I don't believe that law is being as rigidly enforced as it used to. When
Amtrak was still operating out of Grand Central Terminal, numerous times, I
would see the FL9s with commuter trains in the Terminal with their 567s idling
after coming in on diesel power rather than switching to electric power as
these locomotives were designed to do, most likely because the third rail
shoes would not engage the third rail properly and a possible shortage of
electric MU equipment to cover schedules, which I think is the reason why NJ
Transit has run some diesel powered trains into Penn Station. They are even
running some diesel powered trains on the Morristown line and under the wires,
no less. could that be the beginning of the end for that electrification?
I hope this helps clear the air on this matter.

Jim Mancuso

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