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Re: PC: Smoke In New York

Evil Mike wrote:
>      We all remember the famous NY law that outlawed steam and prompted
> all those electrifacation projects.  Well what happened to it?  Did/Does
> this law prohibit desiels?  In the NYC/PC years I never saw a desiel in
> NY, but now I have see NJT Desiel commuter trains heading into Penn.
> Does anyone have an answer?
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I dont think there are NJT diesels running into Penn Station
 They have push/pull electrics.  During the Penn Central years
 the FL9s would not often work on electric so they ran the
 diesels in the Park Ave tunnel.  Metro NOrth has on ocasion run
 their F units into GCT as well.  I guess nobody got caught
Henry Frick  Ft Worth TX

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