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PC: Internet Message

One PC 1000 series car lasted in passenger service after the M-1s 
were delivered. It was used as a private club car by a group who rode 
from Croton to GCT. Not sure when it was retired. It did get MTA 

At least one other lasted in work train service. It had a large 
sliding door on the side. I think it was painted blue.

Peter King in NY
>Lastly, I know this was discussed already some time ago, but I'm not 
sure if
>this particular question was ever answered.  Were all the 100 Penn 
>1000 series electric MU cars (built by St. Louis Car Co. in 1950 for 
the NYC
>as the 4500 series) retired upon the arrival of the M-1 
"Metropolitan" MU
>cars?  Did any of these cars ever get MTA paint?  


>John W.

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