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PC: Re: Re: Reply to PC Depot in Detroit query

Also check train shows and hobby shops for back issues - sometimes you can
get them for as little as a dime each, you just have to paw through them to
find *that* issue - I have issues as far back as the 50's picked up this

Bill K.
    I perused the site myself just before writing this e-mail to confirm
the dates.  They still have copies of both these two months in stock -- at
$4.50 each.  Or try a large library.  I know the Toronto reference library
keeps a file of all Trains magazines from the mid '70s up to the present
so, depending on how close you are to a big city, you might be able to get
the info from a library.  
    Richard Collins
    chessie -AT- idirect.com
    P.S.  Welcome to the list!

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