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Re: PC: Re: PC 1971/1972 Modernization Project in NY area

Thanks to all for the info.

As was discussed some time ago, that car (#1037) is no longer used in MOW
service.  It's not on that siding north of Croton-on-Hudson, between two
former MTA stainless steel coaches.  It's graffitied up and vandalized.

As I have stated, although this car is a lost cause, and would take years to
restore, there is still time to get some former NYC 4600/4700, PC 1100 series
MU's from 1962 and 1965 preserved.  I was going to post on the mailing list,
an address at the Metro-North Railroad for railfans on this list to write to,
asking the MNR to donate at least 2 1100s to the National New York Central
Railroad Museum upon the time they are retired.  It is important that at least
two of these MU's are preserved by that Museum, because that is the most
fitting place for them, and we can all be guarunteed that, that Museum is the
place where they will be preserved well.  Other Museum's might use them for
parts to restore other equipment.

If I get a few responses from those of you out there who wish to join in
trying to get the Metro-North Railroad to donate a couple of these cars to the
National New York Central RR Museum, I'll let everyone know the best address
to mail your letters to at the MNR.  This involves no money, and it can only
help get the MTA Metro-North Railroad to realize how important it is that they
donate at least two of these MU's to the National New York Central Railroad
Museum when they retire them.

Thanks again to all for the info on the MTA high levels!

John W.

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