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PC: NYC Freight Car directory

Of the hundreds of NYC, PRR, NH, PC, CR  railroadiana and books that I have
collected over the years, I have decided to thin out the collection. I am
offering for sale one of (2) New York Central "Freight Car Directory" books
that I have. It is dated December 7, 1967. To those not familiar with a
"Freight Car Directory" it's the "car knockers" guide. It contains official
diagrams and data of all freight cars, owned or leased by the NYC. It's in
excellent to pristine condition. It's in a blue loose leaf binder with the NYC
logo on the front. It contains an updated cover letter inside, from W.D.
Edson, Chief Mechanical engineer, New York.  If anyone is interested, please
reply to: emdsd80mac -AT- aol.com  Any offer over $50.00 will be considered.
Thanks. Ed St.George

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