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Re: PC: Roundroof box cars

The only round roof boxcars I ever saw were those of Baltimore and Ohio
Railroad, whose local wayfreight into Perry,NY, where I live, carried them in
its consist regularly back in the 1960s before 1969, when the GP9s began to be
used on this job. One inbound train had over twenty cars between the yard goat
then used and the caboose, which made it a pretty big train for the Silver
Lake Subdivision. Usually anywhere from a single car to about a half adozen
cars was typical for this train. In all cases, at least one round roof boxcar,
which B&O called wagontops was usually in the train's consist. Quite a number
of bay window cabooses were made from these cars. I do not believe Penn
Central ever had these. Sorry I could not be more help.

Jim Mancuso

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