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Re: PC: Roundroof box cars

B&O roundroof cabs were built new using the same basic plan as the
wagon-top covered hopper.   I'd go into more detail but this is the PC list

PRR and N&W had round roof boxcars in single and double door 50' lengths;
Bowser does the double door and West Shore Line does a single-door kit.

I'm told the cars I found are B&O, but being 50' cars and double door, and
on Conrail, I thought they were PRR.  Plus they don't have the
characteristic ribs of B&O cars - who knows short of looking at them.

Bill K.

> From: Jejunabra -AT- aol.com
> To: penn-central -AT- smellycat.com
> Subject: Re: PC: Roundroof box cars
> Date: Friday, October 30, 1998 9:34 PM
> The only round roof boxcars I ever saw were those of Baltimore and Ohio
> Railroad, whose local wayfreight into Perry,NY, where I live, carried
them in
> its consist regularly back in the 1960s before 1969, when the GP9s began
to be
> used on this job. One inbound train had over twenty cars between the yard
> then used and the caboose, which made it a pretty big train for the
> Lake Subdivision. Usually anywhere from a single car to about a half
> cars was typical for this train. In all cases, at least one round roof
> which B&O called wagontops was usually in the train's consist. Quite a
> of bay window cabooses were made from these cars. I do not believe Penn
> Central ever had these. Sorry I could not be more help.
> Jim Mancuso

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