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Re: PC: Colors -Reply

Rob Carlo wrote:
> Ken,
>    I asked the same question months ago.   One response was to try Chrysler
> (Mopar) Engine Block Green as a close match.   I have yet to check this
> out.  I would also be interested in any other ideas.
> To date I've used mostly Floquil Coach Green spray,  also Testors Medium
> Green and a non-scientific mix of anything in Floquil bottles that looked
> close.     I've come to settle on "close enough".   This is a tough color
> to match.
>   On a related note, all who have criticized the Atlas U-33 lettering are
> correct.   It is just not right.  I purchased all three road numbers
> available to show Atlas some support with PC models,  however I blacked out
> and relettered all as well.   All they need to do is purchase a set of
> Micro-scale decals to get it right.    They did an FP cab unit years back
> which was lettered correctly.
> Rob
> These are good candidates for an early CR paintout.


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