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Re: PC: thougts on PCHS Newsletter on the web

While Wreck of the Penn Central did not cover the entire story of that
corporate disaster, it did however present enough of the factors to give one
an idea of what caused it, one of the most important being the fact that the
top three executives could not or would not work together as a team. I would
like to read No Way to Run a Railroad, but that seems to be unobtainable. I do
not believe Wreck of the Penn Central was designed to give the complete
picture of the disaster.The authors Peter Binzen and Joe Daughan saw great
urgency in getting the story out while the scent was still strong and key
figures were still alive. As it happens, the top executives all died off one
by one as did most of the board members and other key people in the executive
suite. Of the Three Stooges, Perlman was the first to pass on, followed by
Saunders, and Bevan in that order. Wreck's authors apparently knew these men
were getting on in years and would not be around too much longer, which added
to the urgency of getting the story out when they did instead of relying on
lawyers involved who were not always inclined to tell it straight. If anyone
has a copy of No Way to run a Railroad they want to get rid of at areasonable
price, please let me know, I would like to read it.

James Mancuso
56B South Main street
Perry,NY 14530

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