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Re: PC: thougts on PCHS Newsletter on the web

Hey gang,

Here's my thoughts on the newsletter stuff:

When PCHS gets off the ground, it will probably appeal to a wide
range of age groups. There will be PC fans from youngsters to
retired PC employees. Probably a majority of them are not wired to
the net, so publishing the newsletter online would be pointless. Plus,
I would prefer to sit in my easy chair in the living room and read
the latest publication than sit in front of my computer and read it.
I sit in front of a computer for 8 hours a day as it is.....

Also, Jim Hebner hit the nail on the head. If you publish all the
Society info on the web nobody will join. Why buy the cow when you
can get the milk for free? The PRRT&HS uses their web site as a
"teaser" to get people to join. They have a little bit of info out
there, but not much. The web site does make it easy to join, though--
just print out the application form, write out the check, and send
it in. That's how PCHS should view their web presence--as a recruting
tool, not an information repository. My web site already fills that
role to a small degree anyway.

Speaking of PCHS.ORG--it would have to be PCRHS.ORG or something
similar, as PCHS.ORG is already taken. I've actually toyed with the
idea myself of just registering the domain so that we have it when
things come to pass, but I have enough other things to worry about
right now, so I haven't pursued it further.

About newsletter names: I like the name Metroliner, but to me the word
also conjures up visions of Amtrak Sweedish meatballs and Amfleet cars.
*We* know the PC did most of the development of the Metroliner (it was
started by PRR), but most people today think of Metroliners as those
trains on the Northeast Corridor. I think PC Post is a good one,
assuming that there are no copyright issues. But that's just my

About a PC business history book: read Stephen Salisbury's _No Way
to Run a Railroad_.....I think it takes more of a big picture look
at the situation, since it was written about 15 years later.


Jerry W. Jordak               Time has little to do with infinity
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