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Re: PC: PCHS Newsletter feedback

Perhaps a little jingle for the PCHS is in order.  I'm partial to the Simpson's
"show within a show", Itchy and Scratchy.  PCHS could have one go: "They fight,
they fight, they fight, they fight, fight, fight (etc.), the Perlman and Saunders
Show!".  My humble opinion is that the business aspect of Penn Central is much
more fascinating than what color gondola car series G5B 21000+ was (although
there is a place for it!).  Penn Central is a legendary failed business story
that teaches lessons in government over-regulation, in-fighting amongst
personnel, division, and poor planning.  It would be great to see a book about PC
much in the same spirit as H. Roger Grants "Erie-Lackawanna: Death of An American
Railroad".  "Wreck of the Penn Central" does not tell the whole story obviously
as it was written in 1970.  Perhaps PCHS can get an energetic person interested
and provide a good front for the development of resources for such a work.  My 2

J. Erik Landrum, K8DTI (formerly KB8VRZ)
DT&I Historical Page http://w3.one.net/~kb8vrz/dti.html
"He's dead Jim.............."

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