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Re: PC: New Atlas HO models -Reply

Jim Homoki wrote:

> >>> MR PETER A KING <BGXX32A -AT- prodigy.com> 10/27/98 07:01pm >>>
> >Just got word that Atlas will produce their HO U23B in PC!
> Hopefully the road name and lettering will be better than on the U33C.
> The U33C printing is too "fat" looking all over, and the herald is not
> quite the right shape.  If the U23B looks the same, I'll be buying
> an undecorated.  That's too bad, because Atlas might think people
> aren't interested in PC.  I've been meaning to drop them a line
> letting
> them know I like PC, but that they didn't do very well on one of the
> simplest paint schemes they produce.
> Jim

   I actually wrote to them about the poor paint scheme they produce on
PC equipment.  I told them of the same problems:  poor herald and
lettering.  I told them that Microscale makes the herald and lettering
perfect.  They in turn told me that they copy their paint jobs from
Microscale.  I basically told them this was B.S. as the difference is
quite noticeable.  I then told them I know of a place that has original
artwork created for the PC to make the correct heralds and lettering
(that would be through Jerry's homepage).  Paul at Atlas told me to send
them a copy to correct this.  So, Jerry, can you send Atlas a copy of
those diagrams?

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