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PC: thougts on PCHS Newsletter on the web

Actually Jerry Jordak and I have talked about a WWW.PCHS.ORG idea for society
stuff on one of the servers we run. 

I do have some thoughts about what should be there. Jerry and others probably
have different ideas.

If someone can get all the info of the Society free on the web, why join. 
Fewer members means smaller budgets which means smaller newsletters which
means fewer members etc...

The PRR Talk list guys have been going around on this issue , on and off, for
a awhile now. As I read it, the PRRTHS has a basic web presence. Very basic.

There is some middle ground, somewhere, between everything and nothing on the web.

There are a lot of non-net modelers who would want the paper copy or do not
like reading pages of information on computer screen. 

One of the latest tech things that is being discussed in some circles is How
permanent are digitally stored records? I love the web and the general
direction it is going but I am not sure it is ready to replace paper. The more
we can print, the wider we can distribute and perhaps, the longer the
information will be around.

More things to think about

Jim Hebner

 - Chris Osterhus wrote:

> and apply for a free homepage, we could also put the PCHS on the web
> (along with the newsletters...)
> --Chris Osterhus
> http://www.geocities.com/MotorCity/Downs/9116
> Central Penn Station
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