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Re: PC: PCHS Newsletter feedback

>  Hi Fellas,
>I wanted to share with you all what I've received on the newsletter
>inquirery that I posted a couple weeks ago.
>  Obviously we have a wide range of thoughts on the subject.  Before I
>produce a cost estimate some more input is still needed.  The wide 
ranges of
>format suggestions not to mention frequency and number printed all
>contribute to what this thing is going to cost....<snip again>

Good idea.  On the cost idea however, suppose we were to put the PCHS 
newsletter on the web.  That way we wouldn't have to pay for copies of 
it.  If we go to sites such as


and apply for a free homepage, we could also put the PCHS on the web 
(along with the newsletters...)

--Chris Osterhus
Central Penn Station

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