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Re: PC: Colors

At 07:30 AM 10/28/98 -0500, you wrote:
>>>> MR PETER A KING <BGXX32A -AT- prodigy.com> 10/27/98 07:01pm >>>
>>Just got word that Atlas will produce their HO U23B in PC! 
>Hopefully the road name and lettering will be better than on the U33C.
>The U33C printing is too "fat" looking all over, and the herald is not
>quite the right shape.  If the U23B looks the same, I'll be buying
>an undecorated.  That's too bad, because Atlas might think people
>aren't interested in PC.  I've been meaning to drop them a line letting
>them know I like PC, but that they didn't do very well on one of the
>simplest paint schemes they produce.


	Isn't it funny how they can do the compicated schemes correct
and mess up the simple ones.  Have you checked out the color of the
Intermountain 4750 covered hopper and the Accurail Centerflow?
Both are way off.


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