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PC: Roundroof box cars

I found about 6 50 foot double-door roundroofs the other day - right next
to the mainline, on a live siding, no less.   Some are brown and some are
yellow; I suspect they were PC (PRR) company-service cars in their last
use.  There were 3 other cars with conventional roofs as well; I might be
able to get some decent pictures of them tomorrow when I go back that way. 
Does anyone know what to look at or need anything specific on them?   I
know they've been painted or the lettering has worn off, but perhaps the
trucks have the car numbers cast on.  Looks like maybe they got leftover
paint since some are brown and some are blue -

I'm going to try and find out if they're used at all, if any of them are
available - I might be able to hook the Rochester chapter up with one and
the CNY chapter up with one, or something like that -

Bill K. 

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