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Re: PC: GG1-#4882

I talked to my boss, the Museum's Executive Director, David Bird, and 
to his knowledge this is the first repaint to PC, done on a 
locomotive. We do our best to satisfy? We are hoping to have a 
digital camera at the unveiling so will try to have a picture on our 
web page Thurs. evening, or Friday during the day.

Actually this GG1 will eventually be returned to Pennsy livery but 
we're leaning toward Brunswick green over Tuscan red...That is a 
project in the far future though.


Date:          Sun, 25 Oct 1998 22:12:49 -0500
From:          Jerry Jordak <jer -AT- smellycat.com>
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Subject:       Re: PC: GG1-#4882
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Rick wrote:
> At 10AM, Thursday, 29 October GG1 #4882 will be
> unveiled during a press conference repainted in PC livery.
> We will try to have a photo posted to our web page shortly there
> after.

So would this be the first ever locomotive restored to a Penn Central
paint scheme? While I know there are a few preserved PC cars out there
(the caboose at Danbury first comes to mind), I can't think of any
restored PC locomotives out there.

In the meantime, Rick, I'd be keeping an eye out for any crazy SPF's
out there who might try to throw a can of Tuscan Red paint at it... :-)

Either way, it looks like I'll be making a stop the next time I pass
through Elkhart.


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