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Re: PC: GG1-#4882

>Well, if they traded one GG-1 for the NYC Mohawk, maybe they'd trade 
this one
>for the New York Central Double ended crane at the Danbury Railway 
>That crane is a true classic, and it would be cool seeing that as 
part of the
>National New York Central Railroad Museum's roster!  The Danbury 
>Museum has it now, they got it from the Metro-North Railroad.  Maybe 
>take a GG-1 for the double ended crane if the National NYC Museum 

One small snag in this. DRM doesn't own the crane! Metro North 
retains ownership, and leases it to DRM for $1 per year, on the 
condition that MNR can use the crane in the unlikely event that they 
ever need it. 

This information came from a director of the museum.

Peter King in NY  

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