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PC: PCHS Newsletter feedback

  Hi Fellas,
I wanted to share with you all what I've received on the newsletter
inquirery that I posted a couple weeks ago.
  As Far as the name:
The Worm................1 suggestion
Penn Central Post...6 suggestions.....2 suggestions for not using it
PC Railfan................1 suggestion
Still thinking about a name.........2
  A suggestion of using "PCHS Post" was submitted in the event there is some
copyright issues with using PC Post.

  From what I have been reading as far as the format should be, this ranges
far as well.  Suggestions from a Full color top notch publication to 5 8 and
1/2 x 17 pages folded in half to a rather rudimentary publication that can
be jazzed up later as the funds become available.
  Obviously we have a wide range of thoughts on the subject.  Before I
produce a cost estimate some more input is still needed.  The wide ranges of
format suggestions not to mention frequency and number printed all
contribute to what this thing is going to cost.
  Input here is greatly needed.  Once again please respond back to me so we
don't tax the PC List server, and I'll post an update shortly there after.
eprice -AT- skantech.net

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