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PC: B&O Surplus Equipment?

On my last visit to the museum, I bought a book that listed their
collection. There are lots of pictures and history of the goodies, but
you can get an idea of what they have stored. The locomotive roster book
has a fairly complete listing of the locos. Also, a call or letter to a
curator will work wonders. I was doing some research on boxcab diesels
and was able to get increased access to their locomotive with very little
effort. The B&O Museum is a first class operation, and they've proved
their willingness to cooperate with other groups. Finally, if there are
any Baltimore area railfans on the list they could visit the museum and
see what is available. (I've heard that some of the off-site storage
areas would make great locations for the Baltimore-based TV show
"Homicide", though.)

B&O Museum Page:

The B&O Museum is one of the few rail museums that I recommend without
reservation to everyone. It's worth the trip.

Bryan Turner

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