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Seems to be some incorrect information coming out here. Here's what I 
know, much taken from the PC power book:

- The red P was painted on roughly 150 units of various type, between 
April and June, 1968.

- There was no orange P. 16 GP-40s and one RS-3 did get orange Cs in 
1968 and 1969.

- Some red Ps and orange Cs were repainted to all white, some lasted 
until Conrail. (There's a picture of an E44 with a red P in 1976.)

- There was no green P, it's probably a case of people misremembering 
some of the green painted PC locos put out by various model 

- I suppose you could have seen the red P anywhere on the system, as 
many classes of engines had them. Some classes did not. (FL-9, E33 
and all ex-NYC electrics never had red Ps.)

Peter King in NY 

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