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Re: PC: Re: PC /NYC GP-20`S

The GP-20's were assigned for maintence to Cincinnatti until being 
transfered to Avon (Indianapolis) in '81? Mostly they worked the L&N 
transfers between Decoursey Ky and Cinncinatti, but ventured 
occasionally around Ohio. I was suprised that one made it to North 
Bergin as stated by Walt. Later they were shipped to Enola PA. 

Seth Lakin
Chesterton IN

>Dear List Members,
>Did Penn Central's GP-20s ever appear on the Northeast Corridor in 
>1976?  I model and study freight on the Corridor between Morrisville 
>and Waverly, from March to August of 1976.  Thank you.
>                                            Sincerely,
>                                            James Koo

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