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Re: PC: Interoir Caboose/Cabin Car interior?

let me put it this way..  every restored, clean caboose I have been in has
been painted a light color... LV cars were a cream color, NYC wood cars
white, EL cars light grey, Conrail cars a medium grey, etc.   The idea
would be to have a light color to reflect light since most of them don't
seem to have any kind of internal lighting equipment.  Especially after the
FRA glazing became more stringent the number of windows became less and
less -

the thing that it assumes is that the caboose is clean and well cared for. 
By the time Conrail came about in particular I'm sure a lot of those cars
were pretty nasty.   On the other hand even the in-service cabs I've been
on have not been too bad inside, probably balanced between throwing too
much money away to keep them and having them so dirty the crews and unions
kick up a stink over it.

Bill K.

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> Subject: Re: PC: Interoir Caboose/Cabin Car interior?
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> I have been in many a caboose delivering waybills or deadheading to 
> work some train order operators job somewhere and they where not 
> always a lite color, they mostly where dirty, smelled of fuel oil, 
> the wind blew through the windows making them cold once you got away 
> from the caboose stove. Most cabooses where painted gray or green 
> inside. When it comes to railroad operations I do not miss them at 
> work. It is nice to be able to build a train and just drive up and 
> hang a FRED.
>  Bob Stafford

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