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Re: PC: Re: PC /NYC GP-20`S

Dear List Members,

Did Penn Central's GP-20s ever appear on the Northeast Corridor in 

1976?  I model and study freight on the Corridor between Morrisville 

and Waverly, from March to August of 1976.  Thank you.


                                            James Koo

>From: "Terry Link" <trlink -AT- netcom.ca>
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>Subject: PC: Re: PC /NYC GP-20`S
>Date: Sat, 17 Oct 1998 07:20:57 -0400
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>From: Kevin Lehman <KEVINLEHMAN -AT- webtv.net>
>>I recently bought a LIFE-LIKE  PROTO 2000 GP-20 painted for NYC..The 
>>problem I have is the location of the bell.It is mounted above the 
>When delivered the NYC GP20s had the bell mounted on the left side hood 
>below the turbo stack.
>The following changes should also be done to get closer to a NYC unit:
>Move horns from cab back to hood behind Turbo stack
>Radio Antenna mounted on cab roof (believe this was added shortly after
>Front nose grabs need to be lowered
>MU stand - use Detail Associates #1501 - non of the ones with the 
>area correct..
>All grab irons should be painted Yellow.  All the Proto2000 I've bought 
>black for some reason. Handrails should also be yellow.
>Add ATS shoe on right front truck and add ATS Motor on right side short
>There may be other detail changes, but these are the ones I have 
noticed so
>Terry Link
>Bramalea, Ontario
>TRLINK -AT- netcom.ca

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