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PC: Re: PC /NYC GP-20`S

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From: Kevin Lehman <KEVINLEHMAN -AT- webtv.net>

>I recently bought a LIFE-LIKE  PROTO 2000 GP-20 painted for NYC..The only
>problem I have is the location of the bell.It is mounted above the body.

When delivered the NYC GP20s had the bell mounted on the left side hood just
below the turbo stack.
The following changes should also be done to get closer to a NYC unit:

Move horns from cab back to hood behind Turbo stack

Radio Antenna mounted on cab roof (believe this was added shortly after

Front nose grabs need to be lowered

MU stand - use Detail Associates #1501 - non of the ones with the Proto2000
area correct..

All grab irons should be painted Yellow.  All the Proto2000 I've bought are
black for some reason. Handrails should also be yellow.

Add ATS shoe on right front truck and add ATS Motor on right side short

There may be other detail changes, but these are the ones I have noticed so

Terry Link
Bramalea, Ontario
TRLINK -AT- netcom.ca

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