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PC: RR of Madison County


It has come to my attention that people were unable to determine 
when I had changed something on my 'Railroads of Madison County
(Indiana) website. Yes, it tends to be a rather static site, but
I do add pictures and additional information from time to time as
new information becomes available.  :-)

Rather than add a 'What's New' page (I really hate wading through
those), I have simply put the revision date on the main index
page at the end of the link. This won't necessarily solve the
problem for pages two or three levels down, but it should help
anyone making a quick check on whether or not I have added new 
items recently.


For those who do not know, this site covers one county in Indiana
with it's history of rail lines: Bee Line, CCC&StL (Big Four)], NYC 
PCC&StL (Pan Handle Route), PRR, CIRy, PC, CR, NKP, N&W, NS and
soon CSX (the engines are beginning to show up now).  

There was also a rich Interurban history as well, but I have not 
been able to assemble as much information on that as I would like.


Roger Hensley - 00rphensley -AT- bsuvc.bsu.edu - rhensley@ecicnet.org
=== http://bsuvc.bsu.edu/~00rphensley/cidwelco.html ==============
=== The Railroads of Madison County, Indiana =====================

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