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Re: PC: Interoir Caboose/Cabin Car interior?


	I am in the process of tearing into our museum's (Rochester & Genesee
Valley Railroad Museum) ex-PRR N-5C 477822.   It too has the Conrail grey
and the institutional green.   One of our PRR historians said the
institutional green was a PRR color they used later in the '60's which
would mean the greens painted cars went into Penn Central.   If you send me
an address, I will send you a sample of the green since I am tearing out
some of the wall panels which have been water damaged.    In the end, we
are going to paint ours back to PRR and paint the interior the original
cream color.

	However, PC fans have no fear.   We will be painting our N-11 transfer
caboose PC.    Of interest, that caboose has a two tone green interior as
its original color.   The top is a pea green and the bottom is a dark,
kelly green.   I think this was a NYC standard also as I have seen it in
builder's photos of N-9 transfer cabooses and transfered into PC since our
N-11 transfer caboose was built at the NYC/PC East Rochester Despatch Car
Shops.   I would be interesting to receive some PC green paint samples to
help us get the color right when we paint it next year.

	Interesting, the other day the sun was at the right angle on the side of
the N-5C, and you could see both the large PRR shadow keystone and the
small Penn Central lettering across the top of the side.  

	Hope this helps.

Until later,
Chris Hauf
R&GV RR Museum

At 07:38 PM 10/14/98 -0500, you wrote:
>>Hi Folks,
>>  I recently came across of an old Gem Models PRR N-8 Cabin Car that I want
>>to paint in PC colors.  The model as a rudimentary interior.  Any one know
>>what the interiors colors were?
>>                                                Ed
>When we restored our ex-CR/PC NE-6 at Clinton, MI, scraping down under the
>Conrail grey interior, we found a color of what I would best call
>"institutional green" underneath. This is the type of green paint you might
>find on the walls of a hospital, school, etc. I don't think I have the
>color chip any more, but we found a good match at the local Do-It Center.

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