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PC: new collection of PC items acquired.

In my never ending search for NYC, Wabash & Monon items, I have turned up
with a nice batch of PC information.  This won in auction and will be here

PC employee timetables 4/68, 4/69, 10/69, 4/70./10/70, 2/71, 1/72, 7/72,
PC Pay rate books 6/69, 10/71, 4/72

PC Operating book of rules
PC Air Brake instr book
PC HazMat Book
PC Public address System Instr for MU cars
PC Safety Rule Book

Also numerous NYC, Mohawk & Hudson Divisions,  and Conrail items, incl .
Grand Central Terminal Park ave Tunnel Emergency Exits and Instructions!
BLE Directories between 1959 and 79.  1947 & 1066  Constitution of Grand
BLE.  NYC pay rates 1937 & 1959.

The gentleman I bought them from states he and his father were both NYC
engineers.  Before WWII he fired on the steamers, but when he came back from
WWII all they had left were diesels and electrics.  He then worked for NYC
as engineer and taught a vocational course.  Worked the niagara and mohawk

after I get this "stuff" (treasure) anyone having questions about NYC in
those divisions between 1956 and 1967, Operating dept rules back to 1937,
BLE info , or PC , Conrail info as outlined above, may ask off list,  for
what I may have to share from this wealth of information.

Funny thing about the Conrail List.  They went to great lengths to send me
three sample copies of the society newsletter (mag) and I had form filled
out ready to send... then I get a "drop from list notice" as it is "members
only"...... my how exclusive!  Now how do you recruit new members by being a
closed society?

I hope the PC group continues an open forum as a Penn Central  Historical
Society .

Keep your rails shiny!


Visit our website  http://members.tripod.com/~Engine99/apn.htm

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