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PC: List policy and weekend sightings

Stephen Foster wrote:
> I hope the PC group continues an open forum as a Penn Central Historical
> Society.

I don't think that will be a problem. The PC Mailing List is owned and
operated by one person: ME. And since I set the policy here, I can tell
you in good faith that I have no plans to make this a closed list of
any sort. If people act like idiots here, they'll get removed, but
otherwise, all PC fans are welcome here.

When the PCHS gets going, if they want to have their own mailing list,
that's fine with me. It would make more sense, though, to use this
existing list, even if it's open to everyone. It really doesn't matter
to me. This list is provided as a service to PC fans, and if demand
for that service goes away, so will the list. In the meantime, enjoy

ObPC: While on my East Broad Top trip this weekend, I had some
interesting sightings. In East Altoona, on a track at the southeast
side of the yards, running along E. 6th Avenue, are some PC cars,
including a 40' boxcar, hopper, and flatcar in original PC paint. The
gem of the group is a PC 38300, a former PRR X29 boxcar in yellow
MOW service paint. And I know that at least one museum is looking at
acquiring it! (All the cars except the 40' boxcar are owned by a scrap
dealer--the 40' box is still owned by Conrail.)

Also, there were lots of ex-PC gons at the Hollidaysburg Car Shop.
There was also a G41 coil steel car with worms showing through, and
a PC sand hopper along U.S. 22 (but buried a couple tracks deep).
Also there was an X29 boxcar in Conrail MOW colors. Get your photos
while you can.....


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