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PC: Detroit Area-Lincoln Branch News

Today on this fine Columbus Day I had a day off of work and another chance
to yet some more CR fanning....

SB GLM-1 @ 1004 = 5030, 3387 (B36-7, GP40-2) Hopefully a good shot as the
morning river fog was still lifting at Oak St.. station in Wyandotte, MI.

After fueling I head to Carleton to check on the status of the new CSX/CR
connection to the Ex- PRR/PC Lincoln Secondary...
Upon my arrival I notice an army of men and equipment  putting in the switch
that will complete this connection.  Hulcher was present along with several
CSX MOW forces.  Grafton road is also getting a new gate and flasher that
day too.  I then head back up the line to where it crosses East Newburgh
Road and record the aspects of the new signal installed there.  It is a Y/R
over G/R and it is the distant signal for the SB connection onto the CSX.  I
did not get a chance to see the actual interlocking signal near the switch

Soon CSX trains will be able to head out of Detroit/ Rougemere this way.

Mark Duvall also noticed that the Foreman wye near Delray has been worked on

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